• Make manual management of enrollment data a thing of the past.

    No matter the health plan, no matter the employer, no matter the format, the EnrollmentCure ensures simplified, automated accuracy to optimize workflow.

  • Manage all claims appeals through one automated tool.

    The AppealsCure manages, tracks, reports and even triggers event notifications from start to finish for all provider claims appeals.

  • Access archived legacy system data quickly, easily, efficiently.

    The ArchivingCure keeps legacy system data active, retrievable and manageable even when operating a new enterprise system.

Achieve greater efficacy for enterprise data with CureIS.

Bridging the technology gap.

Your healthcare organization has plenty of things to do; manually managing business processes doesn’t need to be one of them. Whether you utilize GE’s Centricity Business Solutions (formerly IDX) or another healthcare revenue cycle management software platform, your enterprise system is a significant investment, one that must continually evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare industry.

best_places_to_workCureIS provides the information technology tools and expertise needed to streamline integral processes for hospital systems, large practices, academic medical centers and health plans through convenient, web-based solutions.

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Streamlined + Practical: Transform Your Workflow

We're a workflow supercharger for your enterprise engine.

By optimizing the management potential within your enterprise system, your organization will able to dedicate more energy and resources toward your most vital focus: patient care.

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