Getting enrollment and eligibility right is the
first step to world-class claims service.

EnrollmentCURE provides the means to consistently and accurately reflect eligibility.

Navigating enrollment challenges should not be a costly grind. CureIS developed EnrollmentCURE to optimize the enrollment process, tackling problems such as incomplete or conflicting information within health plans sourced from diverse channels, including government and employer groups.  It also identifies issues from unstable provider networks and unpublished benefit plans.

  • Enrollment information loaded in the adjudication system is meticulously verified, ensuring adjudication is not performed on inaccurate data.
  • We ensure accurate member, PCP and eligibility data is available for claims
  • Capitation owed to the payments received is easily reconciled. Coverage configuration aligns members with the right benefit plans and PCPs, and matches capitation or premium payments to the selected plans.

Real-time Data for Real-time Decisions

EnrollmentCURE streamlines daily operations by promoting daily activity files that provide timely member data. This translates to accurate copays at the time of the visit, reducing the need to check eligibility outside of core systems.

Swift Implementation 

The CureIS team brings years of expertise to enrollment processes. Proven workflows and an extensive menu of business rules and edits enable fast implementation. Changes can be implemented and tested within hours, instead of weeks or months.

Cost-Effective Efficiency 

EnrollmentCURE offers a robust set of features, including integration with unlimited data sources, system-agnostic adjudication, and automated processing. Controllable environmental challenges are addressed, lowering operating costs by eliminating downstream issues that result in reprocessing, appeals, or encounter denials.

CureIS is fully accountable for ensuring results.

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