Product Process Automation

Implement business decisions faster, more
accurately and without disruption.

CureIS can help you turn initiatives into operational success.

You put time and energy into making critical business decisions for your operation. However, making those decisions operational reality is a big challenge: Developing new desktop procedures, asking IT resources to enhance their systems, building workarounds, and involving manual efforts with the risk of errors can all take time, training, and money, which ultimately works against the positive impact you intend for your operation.

CureIS and the CureIS Server can help you implement decisions quickly, integrating as much automation as possible. When you need to check or verify data against another source, we will configure our server to consume all of the data and build validation, cleaning, and scrubbing rules directly into the process. We then build consistent workflows with system and human processes incorporated to ensure the work is completed as envisioned. Once in place, you’ll have full reporting capability to show how your process is making an impact. And included at no additional cost, when we see opportunities to improve the process, we adapt and adjust in line with your goals.

For example, say you decide your system fee schedules should be updated upon any changes published by the CMS. This would mean any retroactive rate changes will need to be applied to any claims that have been processed after the effective date of the rate change. Instead of writing a new desktop procedure, finding someone (or likely multiple parties) to monitor the fee schedules, check for discrepancies, create a set of new load files, identify the retroactive rate changes, run a report to find any claims impacted by those changes, give the report of claims to be reprocessed to the claims team and have them reprocess for adjustments to payments…

CureIS can:

  • Regularly monitor the fee schedules

  • Automatically download newly published fee schedules

  • Generate fee schedules structured specifically for your adjudication platform

  • Generate a reprocessing queue and report

  • Set up verification and approval steps to ensure the process will not disrupt your operation

  • Provide full auditing and reporting so you can see exactly what happened based on the now implemented decision

It’s not magic (though it can seem that way): it’s our proven process for building out your decisions quickly through process automation.

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