Move your enterprise system forward without leaving anything behind.


Keep your enterprise system transition on track.

Migrating enterprise systems is a daunting task. This challenging situation is further compounded by requirements such as data archiving and on-demand IT needs. Is it possible for a healthcare organization tackle such a massive endeavor with minimal costs and technical disruptions?

Thankfully, yes, if you use TransitionCure from CureIS. TransitionCure is a scalable solution, with five turn-key components ready to provide assistance where you need it, when you need it. Whether beginning an enterprise transition, in the middle of one, or already operating in your new system, TransitionCure is ready to help.

TransitionSupport – When your enterprise transition is imminent, CureIS can provide legacy system IT support and maintenance at considerable savings compared to renewing or continuing with contracted rates.

TransitionInterface – Jumpstart your integration effort with our library of routines and interfaces that will provide superior data connectivity.

TransitionArchiving – The CMS requires legacy data be maintained for at least 7 years. Our TransitionArchiving component maintains legacy data in a secure, web-based solution, without the cost of maintaining the entire legacy system.

TransitionResource – When your enterprise transition is underway, CureIS can provide the resources and expertise to manage your legacy system until the transition is complete.

TransitionConversion – Ensure the complete, accurate and reliable transfer of data from your legacy system into your new environment.


  • Legacy system tech support
  • Integration interfaces
  • Fully web accessible data archiving
  • Accurate data conversion and transfer
  • Legacy system maintenance
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    Cedars Sinai of California needed to convert millions of patient records to their new enterprise system. With our suite of extraction tools we were able to extract, transform and load ALL data from source to destination systems. Using our validation toolkit CureIS was able to correctly convert and validate 100% of required data.

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