The Power of Automated Enrollment at your Fingertips


Take Tapestry® to the Next Level.

Tapestry® is a leading claims adjudication platform and handles basic enrollment needs. However CureIS® EnrollmentCURE brings quality automation to the enrollment process, solving data and troubleshooting issues before they impact your members, providers and operations.

EnrollmentCURE executes the decisions of your critical enrollment experts consistently, eliminating the risk of staff turnover, payment errors, and costly processing delays. Activities such as file formatting, routing, data scrubbing, translating/mapping are all fully automated, saving you time and money.

Eliminating the large capital investment of software purchases, CureIS offers a monthly service model that allows you to realize your ROI quickly, adapting to your growing business. As an all-inclusive service, EnrollmentCURE provides a full team of business and technology experts to administer changes to data format, custom logic, trading partners and lines of business.

With EnrollmentCURE, experience unprecedented visibility into the complex enrollment process. System generated documentation provides a detailed audit trail of each decision. Powerful dashboard tools demonstrate team productivity, accuracy, and enrollment health including a comparison of health plan data quality. It’s no surprise more facilities are integrating EnrollmentCURE into their systems.

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    In Practice

    Enrollment Cure Attributes

    • Expedited Enrollment Turn Around

    With automation, worfklows and rules engines, we ensure your enrollment processing is running at peak efficiency. 

    • Fully Automated

    By automating mundane, time-consuming tasks manual errors like missing files and manually working the same repetitive edits are eliminated. Analysts have time to focus on critical decisions instead of creating reports and pushing files.

     • Ensure Accuracy

    Thousands of hours are saved by setting up enrollment correctly the FIRST time, eliminating manual enrollment processing, claims reprocessing that costs money and disrupts quality of care.

     • Tailored for You

    CureIS adopts your business needs into our proven best practices to ensure your best outcomes.

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