Lower your IT costs without lessening your support.


The most experienced team in the field, at a fraction of the cost.

Enterprise systems are not perfect. From time to time, IT support will be needed and, oftentimes, at a moments notice. Hiring additional full-time technicians is rarely the most cost-effective option, but what if there was an as-needed alternative that could quickly and affordably tackle issues as they arose?

SupportCure from CureIS provides your healthcare organization with the best enterprise system support team in the industry. What’s even better is that turning to the best does not have to cost you a premium. CureIS SupportCure provides contracted support with hourly rates significantly lower than most competing options. You can utilize SupportCure on an as-needed basis by submitting support tickets through an easy-to-use online system, saving you both time and effort. Once received, your support ticket is assessed by the entire CureIS support team and only when a pathway to correction is chosen do we select a specialist whose skills set matches your particular needs. We’ve seen every system, we’ve tackled every issue, we know how to get things done. With SupportCure, issues both big and small can be corrected quickly with a click of a button.

  • Best possible support in the industry
  • Affordable solutions
  • Task specific specialists
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