It’s your data, make payers keep it correct!


This is all about YOU; it is your information after all.

ProviderCure is a business service and technology solution that ensures your provider data is correct everywhere it exists, and is updated when you change it. ProviderCure also audits your data at the payers to ensure they don’t have an incorrect update from an external source.

The accuracy of your information determines whether you are credentialed and paid. YOU have the right to make sure it is correct everywhere it resides and you shouldn’t have to enter it dozens of times.

Onboarding to a new payer? No problem. ProviderCure business service works with the payers and ensures they have your data in whatever format they require.

Imagine your payers’ data is in perfect sync… credentialing, claims, referrals, revenue all flow seamlessly through the system and patient access is up to date for provider services and locations. That time is now with ProviderCure.

provider cure overview graphic

  • Data Broker Business Service
  • Payer Data Dispute Resolution
  • Audit Service
  • Secure Provider Portal
  • Integration Engine
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    System Integration

    If you already have credentialing and/or other provider databases, ProviderCure can integrate with them to establish a source of truth and ensure that your systems are synchronized as well.


    No System Necessary

    ProviderCure has a database and can track every attribute necessary for credentialing, contracting, and network updates. It provides a custom provider portal to allow practitioners and their delegates to review and correct all essential data elements.