Task targeted projects for better business operations.


You paint the vision, we provide the solution.

Your healthcare enterprise system is a powerful tool. But place that system and its massive data resources in the hands of experts and the power of the tool gets magnified dramatically.

ProjectCure from CureIS allows you to turn your business process wants, needs and wishes into practice without the costly handcuffs of a retainer contract. Just describe how you’d like to be able to integrate systems or automate, validate, extract, manipulate, cross reference or enter data, and CureIS can make it happen via ProjectCure. For many custom projects CureIS is even willing to enter a shared risk scenario for any software development, where we’ll pick up part of the cost knowing we’ll be able to offer the same product concept to other clients down the road.

  • Products built on a multi-million dollar platform with built in security, workflow automation, and systems integration tools
  • Shared risk pricing
  • Unrivaled systems knowledge
  • No retainer contracts
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    In Practice

    Advocate Physician Partners (APP)

    Advocate Physician Partners (APP) of Illinois, like many managed care organizations, faced complexities pricing Medicare Claims. Like APP, many GEHC ITTS clients will implement third-party software for Medicare claims processing activities. APP needed their new pricing application to communicate seamlessly with their enterprise system, and they turned to CureIS to make it happen.

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    When Cedars Sinai acquired Los Angeles Cardiology Associates (LACA), demographics and charge information needed to transition from LACA’s Allscripts system to Cedar-Sinai’s GE Centricity Business System.

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    Healthcare Partners Nevada (HCPNV)

    Healthcare Partners Nevada mails over 2,000 claim letters every week. To ease the operational burden, letter production needed to be automated, accurate and audited.

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