Make manual management of enrollment data a thing of the past.


All of the data, none of the mistakes.


The process of enrollment is highly complex. As a healthcare provider, you are tasked with managing member data from a variety of health plans and employers. This data is received in a wide variety of formats and, to complicate things further, health plans and employers often make formatting changes to their own files. This is why the process of locating and correcting errors and then making decisions on incoming member data versus existing data can quickly become a very time-consuming process.

EnrollmentCure simplifies the management of the enrollment process by automatically translating the various formats in which member data is received, then automatically checking for accuracy against existing data. As a convenient web-based, user-configurable solution, EnrollmentCure manages full and activity files and allows edits to be managed before they become fatal edits.

  • Fully automated, rules-based data management
  • Works with multiple data formats
  • Easily configured by users
  • Fully web accessible platform
  • Full audit capabilities
  • End to end workflow management
  • Easily reconfigurable as fields and formats change
  • Dashboard reporting
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    In Practice

    Sharp Healthcare

    Sharp Healthcare’s growing managed care and employer group membership required that they improve on the highly manual, error prone enrollment process. They applied the EnrollmentCURE from CureIS to fully automate the process, reduce errors and more effectively manage edits on the incoming data.

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