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Change the way you track, manage and report encounters for your business and your managed care partners.


The EncounterCURE changes the way you track, manage and report encounters for your business and your managed care partners.

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In today’s competitive and highly regulated healthcare industry, you need solution that bring information and efficiencies to your organization. The EncounterCURE tracks encounters, through 8 statuses from creation to resolution by the payer or clearinghouse.

The EncounterCURE begins by importing all 837 files and any files that are held for editing by the claims system. The EncounterCURE also imports response files from the payers and clearinghouses which are matched with the original claim. The statuses that are used to track the encounters, claims and invoices are:

  • • Replaced
  • • EDI Edit
  • • Not Sent
  • • Sent/Missing Acknowledgement
  • • Clearinghouse Accepted
  • • Clearinghouse Rejected
  • • Healthplan Accepted
  • • Healthplan Rejected

Using the embedded workflow engine, you are able to manage edits, rejections and other problems that keep you from receiving prompt reimbursement for your services. Data is grouped by edit types (eligibility, provider, diagnosis, etc.) and routed to the appropriate resource for quick resolution.

Organizations will have the tools to meet CMS and health plan regulated reporting requirements. Technology allows for reports by payer, clearinghouse, selected time frames, EDI runs and more. You have real-time encounter information that will change the way you report to and potentially negotiate with payers.

  • Fully automated, rules-based data management
  • Works with multiple data formats
  • Easily configured by users
  • Fully web accessible platform
  • Full audit capabilities
  • End to end workflow management
  • Easily reconfigurable as fields and formats change
  • Dashboard reporting
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