Manage all claims appeals through one automated tool.


Integral data to drive enhanced workflow.

Proper reimbursement for services rendered is essential to any healthcare provider organization. But receiving accurate reimbursement for services rendered is becoming more and more complicated.

AppealsCure from CureIS simplifies the appeals process by automating the workflow for validating claims payment and building clear understanding with your providers. AppealsCure provides a much-needed framework for the entire appeals process, allowing your organization to easily initiate, track and mange all appeals from inception to closure. It even keeps working for you behind the scenes, using automatic event triggers and notifications that keep you instantly abreast of status changes. Ultimately, you can depend on AppealsCure to provide accurate information, allowing your healthcare organization to maximize reimbursement.

  • Real-time appeals tracking
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Validated information
  • Managed workflow tools
  • Fully web accessible
  • Audibility, insight and control
  • Dashboard reporting
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    In Practice

    Healthcare Partners Nevada (HCPNV)

    Healthcare Partners Nevada is a network of more than 200 primary care physicians and over 1,300 specialists. At this size, an automated, effective and efficient way to manage claim appeals not just a convenience; it’s a necessity.

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