The CureIS leadership team.

Leading the way to better healthcare technology.

The right people make the right kind of things happen. CureIS people are smart, dedicated and committed. More importantly, we’re good people. People that keep promises to colleagues, clients and the community. After all, what’s the point of prosperity if you can’t share your rewards with others and operate in an environmentally responsible manner? So take a moment, and get to know the people behind the brand. Even better, let’s get together, shake hands and get down to work.

Chris Sawotin

Chris Sawotin | Chief Executive Officer
Bret Randolph

Bret Randolph | Chief Operating Officer
Shawn Alexander

Shawn Alexander | Chief Information Officer
Emmet J. Pope

Emmet J. Pope | Chief Technology Officer
Art Segovia

Art Segovia | Sr. Vice President, Business Operations
Lori Martin

Lori Martin | Vice President, Managed Care
Dave Jones, Ph.D.

Dave Jones, Ph.D. | Vice President, Provider Segment