Properly dividing the division of financial responsibility


Maximize your reimbursements.

How much money is your healthcare organization losing to unreimbursed claims? Well, it’s difficult to know without an accurate and easily manageable tool for identifying and supporting all of your “lost” claims. Most often these lost opportunities come from atypical claims, which have ever-changing codes and require greater documentation support.

ClaimsRecoveryCure from CureIS identifies and ensures proper documentation to support atypical claims for near 100% reimbursement. It is the only system that extracts data out of managed care systems and places it into revenue cycle management systems. ClaimsRecoveryCure operates in real-time and utilizes batch-run functions that constantly search for new claims that qualify or new rules that makes older claims compliant.

  • Bridges the gap between managed care system and revenue cycle system
  • Assignment engine constantly searches and identifies qualifying claims
  • Edit engine ensures proper documentation for claims
  • Full circle reporting to ensure recovery is collected on every item possible
  • Invoice engine creates custom invoices from your revenue cycle and recovery system data
  • Rules engine evolves to ensure you are only invoicing recoverable claims
  • Fully web accessible
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